What is ALM-agent?

The ALM-agent is software for Mobingi ALM. ALM-agent is the primary component of container management.

ALM-agent runs on instances, manages Docker containers and deploys code to instances on behalf of you.

ALM-agent works with ALM Template. When you run the ALM-agent, the agent on the instance processes the ALM Template and configures the instance as specified.

Characteristics of ALM Agent

The ALM-agent is a tool for managing container and continuous deployment for your application. It provides several key features:

  • Container Management

    • ALM-agent can manage container lifecycle (create container, start or stop container, renew container image, deploy application code and manage log containers, etc.).

  • Blue-Green Deployment using Container

    • ALM-agent uses Blue-Green Deployment to achieve zero-downtime deployment of your application code.

  • Health Checking

    • ALM-agent checks not only the instance status but also the container status.

  • Multi Cloud

    • ALM-agent can run at any Cloud Service such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Azure, GCP, Fujitsu K5, etc.

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