Add a new customer

1.Issue customer's AWS account from AWS

Issue an AWS account for the customer from the AWS Management Console.

2.Create billing group

From Account and Groups> Billing Group in the left menu, click Add Billing group on the top right of the screen.

3.Set invoice settings

Click •••> Change invoice settings for the billing group you created, and set up billing-related terms and conditions.

It is necessary to set these beforehand to use “Invoice batch creation”.

4.Consolidate your AWS account to a billing group

From Account & Groups in the left menu, click Add Account in the upper right of the screen, and fill in the required fields and add.

You cannot register duplicate account IDs that have already been registered.

More useful things to set:

Register Wave for Reseller

By using Wave for Reseller, customers can check monthly billing information from the web.

pageWhat is Wave for Reseller?

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