Create Billing data with tags

Here is the introduction of setting to create billing data with tags.

The function to create billing data using tags is currently provided as an additional function to some customers. Please contact if you are interested in.

1. Activate the tag

First, you need to activate the tag you want to use for Ripple billing from the AWS screen.

(Move to Step 2 if already activated)

2.Change invoice settings to tags

Go to Accounts and Group> Billing Groups in the left menu.

Click •••> Change Invoice Settings for the billing group that you want to switch to tag aggregation within each billing group.

Change the aggregation type from Account Aggregation to Tag Aggregation.

When the Save button is clicked, a button for editing tag settings is displayed on ••• in the billing group that reflects the settings.

3.Select the tag you want to include in the aggregation

Click Edit Tag Settings.

Select the tag values that you want to include in the aggregation.

After completing the settings 1 to 3 above, create billing data according to the normal billing procedure.

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