What is Mobingi Ripple?


Mobingi Ripple is an AWS invoice auto-calculation and invoicing tool for AWS resellers, MSPs.

This tool reduces labor costs by automating traditional Excel manual calculations. Please read this for details.

What you can do with Ripple

  • Manage the relationship between customer and AWS account

  • Re-calculate the blend of RIs and output the correct unblended invoice.

 ・Streamline billing operations

 ・ Improve reseller revenue

1.Streamline billing operations

By automating traditional manual tasks, you can reduce working time, standardize calculation methods and eliminate mistakes caused by human work.

2.Improve profitability of resellers

Buy and use the proper amount of RI at the right timing.

Mobingi Ripple and Mobingi Wave

Based on the Ripple data registered by reseller, the appropriate usage charge can be calculated, and the end user can check the billing information on Wave.

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